Risk Management

Managing risks to safeguard your values

Company Risk Assessment

Safeguarding company values starts with a focused yet high-level assessment of the various risks affecting or even threatening the organisation. Appropriate risk analysis at the level of the whole company and its environment makes the management aware of key risks to be resolved. We help you understand, prioritize, and task the most critical of these, and advance with their mitigation. 

Operation Risk Management

The positive effects of a risk management system built and upheld by experts are improved efficiency and performance, financial health, an increase in shareholder value, and better relationships with key stakeholders, all contributing to a positive company reputation. DABRICON can help tackle all risk-affected situations through a tailored system of client assistance, assessing the status, naming issues, suggesting solutions, and assisting with implementation in company operations.

Financial Risks Management

From global corporations to small family firms, the real financial situation is always crucial to successful business. Whether in measuring true performance, overall success, or gauging the competition, the assessment of potential financial uncertainties safeguards companies against adverse events and protect assets from potential losses.

We assist our clients with identifying, reducing, and managing such risks to secure their financial future, thereby boosting investor confidence, increasing stability, and enhancing operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions cover a broad range of areas, from financial statement manipulations to Assets-Liabilities Management – revealing the financials without bias and enabling optimal strategic decision-making.

Forensic Investigations

Sometimes things get tricky. Betrayal never feels good. When it harms your business, that’s when it gets serious, and may even become a question of survival. Those least prepared tend to be the most surprised. DABRICON is ready to immediately lead you through the emergency process, set the scene for appropriate investigation aimed at rapidly gathering professional results, and act with you or on your behalf to resolve the issue, preventing its reoccurrence.

Bribery & Corruption Reviews

In certain instances, people attempt corruption, or get bribed to obtain illegal advantages. Not only does this diminish the value of a business, but it may also ultimately destroy it through reputational association with crime. Let us help you in red flag situations, or even when known misbehaviour is taking place and the necessity is to gather the details professionally and quickly. Our support can enable you to stay fully compliant with numerous anti-bribery/anti-corruption regulations around the world.

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