Disputes & Specials

If things go wrong, rely on our experts

Dispute Advisory & Resolution

Sometimes, things get messy even between long-term friends. In business, doubly so. In cases where agreement seems unviable, we step in to help parties find compromise or consensus. Our experts undertake a thorough assessment to establish a clear understanding of the issue- using deep knowledge of various industries and businesses to thoroughly study supporting documents and information- and apply seasoned methods of dispute resolution to provide strategic insights and propose solutions viable for all parties. Matters may be easier to resolve with us as active mediators, rather than spending a fortune while waiting years for a court decision.

Mediation & Negotiation

In certain cases, as a business stakeholder, you need someone to support your opinions in a deal, your thoughts in handling a case, or your judgement in hiring a senior manager to your business. DABRICON can assist in mediation and/or directly negotiate in your name to maintain neutrality. In very difficult situations, mediation helps in finding common ground and facilitates constructive dialogues between parties to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

OSINT, HUMINT, Detective Services, Observations

DABRICON has broad means to acquire intelligence in dozens of countries on any entity or individual of significant value to a client who seeks understanding of the background of certain deals, structures, or undue actions. Additionally, we go further, employing detectives around the world, even in difficult locations, to acquire information that the internet does not provide. Scrutinising this with a forensic expert eye, we connect the dots and unveil the full picture.

Special Purpose-Driven Reviews

Any requirement of your business that is highly specific, too complex, unknown to you, or which you just simply do not have the capacity to address, will be our pleasure to assist you with and master. Specific requirements may relate to scope, setup, conditions, or best-fit results, to save, protect, and grow your business fearlessly in the future.

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