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Technology Risk Management

In an era of technological advancement, organizations face an ever-evolving landscape of risks. Sometimes management may consider comprehensive risk assessment an unnecessary expense, but the consequences of overlooking technology-related risks can suddenly become substantial.  Our experts understand the intricate interplay between technology, risk, and compliance, as well as your business and processes inside the company. We can swiftly assess your technological infrastructure and pinpoint vulnerabilities. In close cooperation with our clients, we create a prioritized risk mitigation roadmap, recommending tailored strategies to safeguard the organization’s assets and ensure appropriate business continuity.

Cybersecurity Assessments and Resolution

From the perspective of a responsible, compliant organisation, especially one that has been hit by hackers of any kind, the need for a stable, effective, and flexible cybersecurity solution is demanded now more than ever. Still, some companies consider appropriate risk assessment prior to problems arising as unviable and at the same time a waste of money. Nevertheless, the potential risks of cyber-attacks are enormous. We have up-to-date knowledge of the field and are ready to quickly review your cyber/IT environment, assess key risks and gaps, and suggest the best solutions to mitigate risks and minimize them, thereby safeguarding your firm’s values and stakeholders’ peace of mind.

Forensic Data Analytics

Despite every effort (or consequent to no effort), situations may emerge in which you need seasoned experts for forensic data analysis. This means not in the standard way of business data, but specifically looking for anomalous patterns using forensic methodology, setting the scene for in-depth investigation by forensic specialists or even the police. DABRICON uses numerous high-profile software in applying proven forensic testing and pattern discovery, enabling fast and efficient subsequent investigation, leading to the discovery of perpetrators, putting a stop to wrongdoings, and resetting the company’s preventive measures.

Forensic Technologies & eDiscovery

In more complex circumstances, in addition to forensically analysing structured data, you may sometimes also need analysis of unstructured data or even a deep dive into electronic devices. We apply a range of tools and methodologies to collect, preserve and analyse electronic evidence, ensuring its integrity and admissibility in potential legal proceedings. Such procedures often uncover the clinching evidence or final confirmation of allegations that convict the suspect. Our team is dedicated to helping clients navigate the digital landscape. We transform data into a powerful weapon while investigating fraud, corruption, or other undue actions within or outside an organisation. Finally, we support the process of reinforcing the organization’s preventive measures.

Business Intelligence Advisory

With our business intelligence skills and solutions, we unlock the potential of data and look at it from a continuous risk management and compliance point of view, based on industry, size, business environment, risk appetite, and other useful perspectives. DABRICON applies proven and state-of-the-art methodologies to analyse business data through focused segmenting and risk-grouping, leading to a fast and efficient evaluation of ‘as-is’. We go further, to understand what the data shows and how to apply it to future operations to make them more robust and less vulnerable.

IT Audit Assistance

In our tech-driven world, where digitalization is everywhere, financial data is primarily handled electronically. Constantly evolving regulations require auditors to embrace the IT environment. IT audit has become a pivotal element of each financial audit. We can offer a versatile range of IT Audit Assistance services tailored to the unique needs of small and mid-size audit firms. Our clients obtain from us consultation in establishing an effective IT audit framework, empowering them to conduct IT audits independently while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Audit firms also have the option to outsource their IT Audit to us during the IT part of financial audits, and we seamlessly integrate this with their processes. For those who choose to set up an IT audit framework, we offer review services precisely assessing the results to ensure consistency and identify potential issues. With our support, audit firms can confidently navigate even complex IT environments and arrive at accurate audit opinions.

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