About us

Established for the future in the right moment of now

“Established for the future
in the right moment of now

That’s how DABRICON started, 
That’ s how it progresses till today.

As DABRICON founder Dan Bican stepped down as a partner of a Big4 consultancy by the end of 2017, he wanted to reconsider his business and private lifes for the future. After many difficult brainstorms, he decided to start his own business. Not far from the 20-years proven consultancy, but boutique-type yet wide-ranging to advise any client in the field Dan loved and was good at – risk management. 

His vision was to offer his clients an exceptional support with a small and flexible team of seasoned experts acting as multifunctional group to resolve any risk issue that bothers their clients, concerning in particular operational risks, compliance, forensics, disputes and similar challenges.

“Business reality
with risks under control

Our motto sets the scene for DABRICON’s assistance to clients.

The motto links to our pursuit of excellence in any given business situation requiring fast, flexible and professionally unparalleled help and advice. Our clients are served with the utmost confidentiality and discretion that are a prerequisite of trustworthy relationship of the risk advisor and his client. With no exceptions.


We are experts with a long and deep expertise, certified in various areas such as forensic investigations (CFE), anti-money laundering (CAMS), internal audit (CIA), and financial audit (FCCA). Our team has gathered unparalleled experience from hundreds of projects of risk management, fraud and bribery investigations, compliance management implementations, and process controls.

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Among our clients are global and multinational corporations of all kinds, sizes, and industries, from financial services to FMCG and pharma to automotive to real-estate, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, and family businesses. Our team is prepared to understand your business fast and without significant lead-in time. 

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For each project, Dan Bican is supported by the right mix of specialists in risk management, accounting, finance, IT, and law, to deliver the best possible service tailored for each client.

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Absolute discretion, confidentiality, and security of your information, combined with a personal approach with no unnecessary middlemen form crucial factors of successful mitigation of risks in your firm and, when possible, use it to your benefit.


It doesn't take us weeks to meet you, understand your needs and conclude a contract! We are flexible in initial admin and do not slow down the process of starting the project ASAP.

Our team

Tailor-made team of professionals at your disposal

From a one-man show to dozen of experts, Dan has built the DABRICON team using the potential of practitioners who have already had major experience in the areas needed to serve the clients at the highest level
 – risk management, forensics, accounting, auditing, ICT, cybersecurity, law, business intelligence, disputes, and others. 

The vast experience and hands-on approach gathered together, enabled tackling of any clients’ problems and requirements throughout DABRICON’ s existence and has been the best asset for its future prospect.

Due care, confidentiality, and discretion are the most important values that we share with our clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, which in some cases requires concealing our identity and the real purpose of our involvement, we do not provide the names of our team members here. We are, however, very happy to send you detailed CVs of our experts upon direct request or at any stage before the commencement of our cooperation.

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To support the credibility of the DABRICON group of experts, we hold professional certifications and validations including ACCA, CAMS, CFE, CIA, CISA and FRM to name just a few.

Continuous learning, gaining new knowledge and acquiring current methods are a prerequisite of any and all of the DABRICON members’  highest qualification to satisfy the requirements even in the most difficult business situations. They also serve the purpose of providing certain clients with an officially valued proof of quality, should these be required in particular situations, such as formal tenders.