Forensic review for an independent energy trading company

An independent energy trading company appointed DABRICON to review allegations of customer data misuse, undue business arrangements with sales commissioners, and misuse of the bonus system.

Thorough forensic data analyses within the company’s DLP system were key to uncovering wide misuse of sensitive data by the key managers, seemingly in favour of their relationships with some of the sales agents, resulting in harsh breaches of internal security policies and legal obligations. A detailed report showed each individual misuse with all relevant electronic traces. These became the trigger for a criminal prosecution of the suspects who ended up either serving four months in jail or settling monetary fines.

Further, Dan’s team thoroughly analysed the commissions scheme that was evidenced to favour undue contract signing of certain agents, that,  in the end, were interlinked. The main issue was an overall failure to verify customer contracts brought in by the distributors, which were to a large extent later confirmed as fake.