Investigation of allegation towards a manager of one of the biggest global logistic real-estate companies

For one of the biggest global logistic real estate development and management companies, Dan investigated allegations of undue business relationships of their Czech manager. These concerned suspicious payments from the facility management vendor via accounts in Hong-Kong, Poland, Lithuania, and Slovakia for potentially manipulated tenders and planned illegal collusion in a selling transaction of an FM company in Hungary.

Through a thorough forensic review of available documentation, data, and information initially obtained from the Client, we attempted to confirm the allegations in linking suspicious payments with the chronological flow of critical events, supplemented by tender conditions and results. We also applied forensic interviewing and interrogation methods to unearth key information from relevant personnel to gather the remaining intelligence regarding the alleged payments and undisclosed relationships and circumstances.

The review ultimately included three CE countries.

The review resulted in the suspect acknowledging certain illegal payments occurring in the reviewed period and voluntarily terminating his employment with the Client.