Safeguarding of values through appropriate risk management

The company has been running for a long time and your main focus has always been on business, profits, and added value. But you feel that the business risks and compliance were put aside and that now is the right time to change this and make your company less vulnerable, more protected, or even more efficient amid significant challenges that exist in the world of business.

A great starting position to adjust or create a new risk management system in the right manner, so that your specifically hired and trained employees use the right technological means effectively to maximise the benefits from the collaboration of both components. With us, you mitigate any doubts on the use of the right experts, over- or underdeveloped technical means or their incorrect or not harmonised use.

The positive effects of a risk management system built by experts are improved efficiency and performance, financial health, increase in shareholders’ value. and better relationships with key stakeholders, including reputation. The lack of resources and/or tools, or their inefficiency, can lead to potential harm to the business – in all of the above categories.

DABRICON can help tackling all of the situations through RPM© – a tailored system of assisting the client addressing the current status, naming the issues, suggesting solutions and assisting with implementation.

RIPROMA™ can naturally be applied twofold:


Each time you feel something is not right, but are unsure of the causes. We will assess the systems, processes, organization and functions, compare with procedures and live flows in the company and recommend how to make effective changes towards improving the systems to prevent negative effects of various risks and non-compliance.


You already have evidence that something bad happened and the risk posed to the organization. You need to act quickly, efficiently and highly confidentially. We offer flexible and most delicate handling of all aspects of critical situations with an expert eye and professional, unbiased approach. Independent results of the highest quality to stakeholders including assistance with all necessary future steps to a) diminish negative effects already incurred AND b) remove any and all causes to protect against future occurrences.