Have an independent ear in your boardroom

Operating a modern business means operating in a vastly complex environment of highly demanding stakeholders, steadily advancing technologies, and increasingly threatening risks. These factors are at the top of the agenda of most C-level managers, who are expected to deal with them timely, efficiently, and to the best benefit of all relevant stakeholders.

This being an extremely demanding task, the boardrooms are often critically overloaded and delegate the utmost of the separate tasks to a number of individual teams or managers. Unfortunately, such approach sometimes doesn’t allow the dots to connect  and make the individual implementations and installations of best practice technology, techniques, and processes combine in one well-working system.

DABRICON helps you to manage the risk of investing loads of funds inefficiently with a less than desired effect on your organisation. Through engaging our long-term board-level-advising experts into a non-executive C-level management position, you´ll ensure the most effective use of your time and efforts on managing risks, while having an external viewpoint, an independent opponent, yet still risk-aware non-executive in your Board, that represents the best interests of the owners, supervisory board, or other ruling body of your business. And very importantly – our engagement is limited, so no usual bonus/benefits/remuneration hassle with fix terms!

Talk to us about how such engagement can be setup, the length and depth of it, and other details of how we can best represent your interests.