Use the data to your risk benefit

Data is everywhere around us, multiplying and complicating each day.  The effective use of data becomes increasingly difficult when company data systems are insufficiently set-up or not properly understood by the responsible personnel.  Most of all, it becomes challenging to achieve measurable and relevant results from data analysis.

DABRICON enables you to look at your data from a risk management and compliance point of view, based on your industry, size, business environment, risk appetite, and other useful perspectives. DABRICON applies proven and state-of-the-art methodologies to analyse business data through focused segmenting and risk-grouping that lead to a fast and efficient evaluation of ‘as-is’. We go further to understand what the data shows and how to apply it to future operations to make them more robust and less vulnerable. We use the eyes of seasoned risk experts to interpret the results properly and derive the best possible application of those for real-life conditions to enhance your organisation’s processes and systems. This contributes to a stronger risk and compliance environment.

If your company, however, has already got into trouble of resolving fraud or suspicion of it, DABRICON is your partner in such difficult situations. We are able to perform forensic analyses of the electronic data that most likely contains the key evidence on the perpetrator(s). Together we identify the devices that contain such data and then we forensically secure the data in a manner accepted by the courts. We further define the data for in-depth forensic analyses in that we exclude the ones that cannot contribute to the investigation or are irrelevant. That speeds up the investigation and retains the focus on important matters. The following analyses involve in particular forensic data indexation and keyword searches, that are carefully pre-defined based on suspicions and preliminary knowledge of facts. The outcome of these data procedures is uncovering of the fraud aspects, formulating the evidence, and passing it onto the law enforcement bodies, as agreed with the client.